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Colorado Mining Stories

Colorado Mining Stories is a collection of tales depicting the hazards, heroics and humor of hardrock mining in Colorado.

The Judas Horse & Other Stories

A collection of short stories centered around the sometimes humorous and sometimes tragic escapades of a woman who has moved from New York City to a small town in Southwest Colorado.

Critically Acclaimed Author

Caroline Arlen

Caroline Arlen grew up in New York City; however, she spent most of her summers in Wyoming, working on dude ranches. At the University of Vermont, she founded The Burlington Review, then went on to pursue her journalism career at Time magazine, Sports Illustrated and U.S. News & World Report.

When Arlen left city life on the east coast for Durango, Colorado, the transition provided much fodder for her collection, The Judas Horse & Other Stories. She also authored numerous adventure-travel articles and the book, Colorado Mining Stories; Hazards, Heroics & Humor.

Arlen recently completed a mystery novel, which revolves around a German war bride, set in a post-WWII mining town.

Published Books

Literary Journals and Anthologies


Literary Journals and Anthologies

Posse to the Rescue, Crazy Woman Creek, Women Rewrite the American West

Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek is a collection of prose and poetry about real women in the West and their connection to a larger whole. Long troubled by the misguided images of skinny cowgirls on prancing palominos, the editors embarked on a mission to set the record straight. They wanted these western women to reveal the realities of their lives in their own words.

Mabel Lyke, The Landscape of Home, Rocky Mountain Land Library

The Landscape of Home

An anthology of some of the most evocative writing focusing on our vast natural heritage, along with pieces that address pressing land issues facing the West. This collection not only paints a vivid portrait of life in the Rocky Mountains, it also presents some of the finest nonfiction writing to be found in America today. This is a perfect selection that is bound to sink reader’s roots deeper in the landscape of home.

Additional Publications


West Wind Review, Sixteenth Anthology

"Halfway House"

Lynx Eye

"Desert Rose"



The Burlington Review


“Lost in Sicily; Durango Women Tour Italy on Foot,” The Durango Herald

“Island of the Toads; Honduras Recovers after Hurricane Mitch,” The Durango Herald

“The Whole Afterwards; Revelations in Vilcabamba, Ecuador,” South American Explorer

“Some riders find home, home on the Pacific Coast range,” The San Diego Union.

“Calm to Chaos; Political Crisis Disrupts Healing Journey to Ecuador,” The Durango Herald

“Tales of Whitewater,” Women’s Sports & Fitness

“Living La Vida in Antigua,” The Durango Herald

Endless Vacation Magazine

“Still Home on the Range; After 100 years of statehood, Wyoming remains an unspoiled beauty,” Endless Vacations.


Book Editing

What Does it Feel Like to Die, by Jennie Dear, Kensington Press.

The Responsible Journalist; An Introduction to News Reporting and Writing, by Jennie Dear and Faron Scott, Oxford University Press.

“Medal of Honor; True Stories of America’s Greatest War Heroes,” U.S. News & World Report Special Edition


Sport and the American Dream, Leisure Press, book cover art by Caroline Arlen
“Sport and the American Dream” book cover illustration
By Caroline Arlen

Custom Illustration featured in "Light Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica," Marlin Magazine

By Caroline Arlen
Marlin Magazine Illustration by Caroline Arlen
Custom Illustration featured in “Light Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica,” Marlin Magazine
By Caroline Arlen
“Arlen’s gorgeous writing will take you on a mental adventure of the American West that will make you
want to take the first flight to Colorado, saddle-up a horse, rent a kayak and have an experience of a
lifetime. These dazzling short stories are honest, funny and absorbing.”

– Jennifer Schwartz, Executive Director, Absolute Time Productions

Review of The Judas Horse & Other Stories
“Caroline Arlen has a poet’s ear for the music of plain talk, for the hardrocker’s passion and the mucker’s hard luck humor.”

– Robert Lee Hotz, The Wall Street Journal

Review of Colorado Mining Stories: Hazards, Heroics & Humor
“What great good luck to find a first-rate writer who has found a first-rate subject…Caroline Arlen presents a rich new look at an American history through the first-person narratives of an array of tough, brave, strange and fascinating people.”

– Roger Rosenblatt, Author, Children of War and Rules for Aging

Review of Colorado Mining Stories: Hazards, Heroics & Humor
“I couldn’t put it down once I started, and if you’ve got any interest in Colorado’s mining lore, you’ll feel the same way.”

– Ed Quillen, Colorado Central Magazine

Review of Colorado Mining Stories: Hazards, Heroics & Humor
“This book is genuine, tender and rough. Pour yourself a glass of whiskey and settle in with it.”

– Amy Maestas, The Telegraph

Review of Colorado Mining Stories: Hazards, Heroics & Humor
“The Tent was a tight, well-drawn story of a woman reclaiming her spirit. The story speaks of land, its breathless and dangerous beauty, of horses, of women, of men, and the unbroken, unbridled passion of life.”

– Denise Chávez, Award-winning author of Loving Pedro Infánte

Review of The Tent
“In Caroline Arlen’s splendid book, Colorado Mining Stories; Hazards, Heroics and Humor (Western Reflections)…a veteran writer confesses to her own swift education while chronicling the gritty and gutsy lives and times of 30 hardrock miners… The book is a page-turner.”

– Charlie Langdon, Senior Critic, The Durango Herald

Review of Colorado Mining Stories: Hazards, Heroics & Humor


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